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Great used tires at Border Tire Inc.

Great used tires for a discounted price!


These tires are used tires that have been reclaimed from new car dealerships. Many have excellent tread remaining(A1-A3) while some are "just get by" (C1-C2). Most (B1-B2) will give you excellent service. We begin by hand sorting all tires to determine those with sufficient tread and/or good general appearance for the potential reuse as a quality used tire. These tires are then inspected visually and with air inflation equipment. We measure the tread depth and assign a Grade.
If there is a problem with the tires in the first 10 days, we will replace the tires or refund the cost of the tires.
Shipping and Handling are NOT refunded.
Inventory is listed in pairs or sets of four (quads) only.
If you need a single tire, please email us with the exact size and make and your complete address including zip code. We will check our inventory, quote the shipping and will respond within 24 hours.
Shipping Rates are quoted by email.
We ship to the continental USA only. No shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, or Canada.

Order by sending an Order Here with all details of the tires plus your name, address and zip code. We will respond within 24 hours with the total cost and a link for payment. YOU decide on the purchase at that time.

PLEASE NOTE: Some email programs are now blocking our emails with the payment links. If you have not received an answer in 24 hours, please check your spam filter folder and add our email address,, to your accepted contacts.

Live in the Rochester, NY area? Pickup is available. Choose your tires on the Inventory Page and then call us for pick up times.

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About Border Tire Inc
Information about tires
How to order
Our refund policy

These are used tires. These are used tires. These are used tires.
What size do you need? The easiest way to determine size is to look on the side of your current tires. The information is also listed in the owner's manual along with alternate sizes that will work on your vehicle.
Size refers to the combination of tire width, aspect ratio and rim size.
The first number (175, 185) is a P-metric designation that refers to the width of the tire.
The second number (70, 75) is the aspect ratio and is also called series.
The third number (14, 15) refers to the diamenter of the rim.
13 inch Tires 15 inch 75 Series Tires 16 inch 75 Series Tires 17 inch 75 Series Tires 18 inch 70 Series Tires 19 inch Tires
14 inch 75 Series Tires 15 inch 70 Series Tires 16 inch 70 Series 17 inch 70 Series Tires 18 inch 65 Series Tires 20 inch Tires
14 inch 70 Series Tires 15 inch 65 Series Tires 16 Inch 65 Series Tires 17 inch 65 Series Tires 18 inch 60 Series Tires 18 inch 60 Series Tires
14 inch 65 Series Tires 15 inch 60 Series Tires 16 inch 60 Series Tires 17 inch 60 Series 18 inch 55 Series Tires
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14 inch 60 series Tires 15 inch 55 series Tires 16 inch 55 Series Tires 17 inch 55 Series Tires 18 inch 50 Series Tires
14 inch Odd Sizes 15 inch 50 Series Used Tires 16 inch 50 Series Tires 17 inch 50 Series Used Tires 18 inch 45 Series Tires
We grade our tires according to the average tread depth remaining.
A1 = 9/32
A2 = 8/32
A3 = 7/32
B1 = 6/32
B2 = 5/32
C1 = 4/32

15 inch Light Truck Tires 16 inch Light Truck Used Tires 17 inch 45 series Tires 18 inch 40 Series Tires

17 inch 40 Series Tires 18 inch 30 Series Used Tires

17 inch Light Truck Tires 18 inch Light Truck Tires

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We do not accept telephone orders. All orders must be sent through email.

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